A Generation of Beautifully Crafted Products.


We pride ourselves on manufacturing quality products that impress for a long time. Our focus is to produce beautifully crafted & performing products. We have the in-house brands we develop & look after with a passion. Our focus is always on creating tailored products that are amazing. We choose our materials with care and take care not to waste resources. Leveraging decades of tailoring experience & working alongside strong long-term partners. Creates a strong foundation.

A Few More Bits..

Global Trade

Global trade is now still at the forefront of world business. Once this trade fuelled wars and inhumanities, now can fuel education food and increase the living standards of those in the most need.

We believe the only way to do global business is to reinvest in the globe, rather than look inwards we should focus outwards and bridge gaps to form strong relationships with our partners.


As the world logs onto the internet the business opportunities grow. Some online marketplaces have now grown to a scale high street chains could only dream of and all in a virtual world

Methods of shopping such as online auction sites have changed the way consumers buy products.  This new technology has opened up doors for businesses that were once unable to compete in a market controlled by a few and at the same time closed doors for the same number.


Whilst cryptocurrencies are very much in their early days. We see them as having value and great potential, not only as a store of value but also as a form of payment. The technologies that allow them to work offer great potential. They can improve our relationship with money and how it is used. Giving more choice and freedom to consumers around the world.
We see value in the decentralized nature of many cryptocurrencies. Yet, we do not see it as a replacement for fiat currencies. But an alternative or parallel payment platform. Hence we offer cryptocurrency payments where possible.

Small Business

Business Doesn't need to be about big money for big results, small businesses, if managed correctly and placed well in a market, can gain market share. Heavy reinvestment of profits and tight management can mean even the smallest startup can rapidly become a market player and establish the brand.


A Passion for The Beautifully tailored & Crafted, Since The First Day We Started.


Our Story

Preorders Distributions LTD established and registered in 2005.

We work near Slough, Berkshire in the United Kingdom. Next to one of the most extensive trading estates in Europe.

We have a strong passion for creating brands. As well as Products and retailing we love connecting with consumers.

Our company loves Technology, Arts, Photography, Design and the world of the internet.

Our main passion is in tailoring and manufacture. We specialise in sewn and sealed products. Decades of tailoring history enables us to make amazing high-quality products. We work closely with fabrics, fabric treatments, weaving as well as yarn and threads.

We combine traditional and modern manufacturing techniques to achieve the highest possible standards.

We focus on building long-term partnerships to achieve and exceed goals. This is clear in the quality of our products. We try to be as efficient as possible and improve, every day there is something new to learn and experience to be had.

We hope you enjoy the products and brand we create.